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Welcome to etc. for her online!

etc. for her is an upscale monthly magazine that caters to women who manage
careers, families, their own personal well being and the countless demands of the day.

We feature local businesses and events, wine, food, health, home, activities for kids and more!

Out & About

Read about new area businesses and local happenings.

What you need
to know when you're out and about.

Submit your calendar events by the 10th of the month before your event.


At Home
Peek inside some of the most beautiful homes in Sioux Falls.

Simple, tasty treats by Jo McClure.

Man In The Kitchen
Entertaining views on food
by Jim Mathis.

wine education by Riccardo Tarabelsi.

Go Green
Easy tips to a healthier you.

Mind- Body-Spirit

From Tea to Tahiti and everywhere
in between.

Health &

Health tips
every woman should know.

Friends & Family

For Kids
Seasonal projects to enjoy with your kids.

Parenting & Pregnancy
Useful advice
for parents and parents-to-be.

Children's Books
A look at new books for kids.

Cute Kids
Submit your
best snapshot
of your adorable area kids.

Meet an interesting person from our community.

Sage advice on pets from Dr. Dick Rogen.

Best Friends
Submit your best pet photo.

Historical Marker
Sioux Falls
area history at
its finest.


The A List
The most creative, unique, fun, useful and beautiful buys in our area.